Right now, our lives are defined by a pandemic that has affected every continent, every language, every demographic. The disadvantaged are hit hardest of all. It isn’t a new problem; coronavirus has just amplified this reality. So as we practice social distancing, the need to contribute and be a part of our communities is stronger than ever.


As a new initiative of ArtWare for Good, Color Our World serves as a platform that provides children, adults, and families with a way to exercise creativity and compassion during these unprecedented times.

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gather your family and friends at home

or virtually to download your
globe art template

create art using

your favorite art supplies;

crayon, markers, paint or collage

upload your art to inspire others;

each upload has a $22 fee,
support No Kid Hungry


As we practice social distancing and focus on the well-being of our own families, many of us feel the need to contribute, provide support to others, and discover new ways to come together in these challenging times. With Color Our World you can gather the family together at the kitchen table or meet friends virtually for a fun and creative activity with your favorite art supplies. 

To start, download our globe art templates. There is no charge to download, so take as many as you like. Our templates are designed to invoke a sense of compassion and healing all over the world. Children and adults alike can draw, paint, and collage to create your own unique works of art from these templates.

Heart in Hand Globe Template copy.jpg
Heart Globe Template copy.jpg
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Crosby - Age 5

38 - Jennifer Duare - Age 40 - Hoboken N

Jennifer - Age 40


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To kick off this initiative we have chosen to support No Kid Hungry. This non-profit is helping communities replace the school meals kids in need are missing due to school closures. No Kid Hungry addresses the unfortunate truth that the current pandemic disproportionately harms the disadvantaged. 


After completing your globe art templates  you can upload your art to the Color Our World platform to share with others and inspire fellow participants all around the world. Each upload has a $22 fee,  70% of which goes directly to benefit No Kid Hungry.

Learn more about what happens when you support No Kid Hungry


let's get started

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Heart in Hand Globe Template copy.jpg
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